Psychology plays a significant role in illness and wellness. Following years of research into the causes and cures for issues ranging from everyday challenges to life-threatening conditions, we at The Peace Clinic have uncovered a revolutionary solution for dissolving and moving beyond the causes of mental and emotional illnesses.

The results and client feedback suggest what is available at The Peace Clinic can be rightfully claimed as one of the greatest discoveries in the fields of health and well being, human transformation and personal development. Our current success rate is 94%.

Healing Depression

Healing Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Healing Stress

Healing Trauma

Self - Test

Identify whether you are showing some of the warning signs of depression and anxiety. More


Our non invasive Assessment service will help you understand your mental and emotional health. More

The Peace Process

The Peace Process is a clinically-based one-to-one programme consisting of tools, personal guidance and support that will free you from the shackles of depression, anxiety and stress. More

Stress Relief

Our Stress Relief programme demonstrates our unique capabilities in being able to accurately measure and transform your stress levels to a calm and peaceful state. More

Corporate Health Screening

The Peace Clinic is on the panel of health care providers for PM Care's screening and wellness programmes for Malaysia's largest Multi National and Government Linked Corporations. More

Stress Free Work

Stress Free Work is a practical, cost effective and revolutionary programme for employees within an organisation to measure, educate and transform their responses to workplace stress. More